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We Buy Any Property – Any Condition – Nationwide!

We realise that there are a variety of stressful reasons why you may want to sell your property quickly. Listed below are just a few, together with frequently asked questions.

There are several options available to you to achieve a quick sale, cash offer is where most people turn when they are stressed & overwhelmed, & in many circumstances this may be your best option & is one of the services we offer, we buy any house, any condition, anywhere & the money can be in your bank within 7 days. Get Cash Offer

However their are other fast options available which may achieve a higher selling price for you, like selling at auction, where the sale can be completed in 28 or 56 days. There is no charge to you when you sell through the auction, you can sell your property at zero cost to you, so it is completely risk free.

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Reasons for sale

  • Facing repossession
  • Struggling financially
  • Property in bad condition
  • Divorce or separating
  • Sale fallen through
  • Inherited property
  • Relocation / Emigrating
  • Tenanted properties

What our customers say

Mr S Jeffry

“I would just like to say thank you for the professional way in which you so quickly sold my house at auction in 3 weeks. The sale price was more than I was expecting & extremely welcome.”

Mrs Wood

“Fantastic service, didn’t only sell our house at auction, but also arranged the packing & removal people, at a difficult time when we were grieving & couldn’t face dealing with it ourselves they were a great help, thank you.”

Mr P Livesey

“Very efficient service, kept up to date with progress regularly. Options explained for the auction sale, contacted us when she said she would, very polite. Friendly and professional manner would use again, thank you.”

Ms Simmons

“After discussing several options I sold at auction, he explained I could set a reserve so it wouldn’t sell for less than what I wanted  & sold for more than the reserve price. I would definitely recommend them”


I’m struggling to make my mortgage payment. What can do to avoid repossession and bankruptcy?

If you cannot afford your mortgage, it may cause a lot of issues. The interest you owe will accumulate, and before long you’ll have more money to pay off than you can manage. You will also be charged a fee if your mortgage lender/provider engages solicitors to try and recoup the money you owe them.

A quick sale will provide you with immediate cash and help to prevent your arrears from growing into a potentially unmanageable mess that might result in bankruptcy or the repossession of your house. It’s a simple approach to put an end to your property worries and get your finances back in order.

My property is in bad condition and needs to be improved. Can I still sell my property quickly?

The condition of the property is irrelevant. We can still sell your home even if it requires little or major renovation.

How easy would it be to sell my home if I’m getting divorced/separating?

Obviously, it’s not ideal to live with your previous spouse or partner while going through a divorce or separation, and we completely comprehend this. We get a lot of enquiries from homeowners who are going through a breakup, so we’ve created an easy method for you to handle the situation.

We are aware of the difficulties and strains that divorce & separation may place on a family. Our service is designed to relieve tension by getting your house sold as quickly as possible while also freeing up equity tied up in the property so that both parties can move on with their lives. We may handle each party separately and at various locations if necessary.

Jointly owned properties might create difficulties for certain property purchasers, but HomeMod helps make the transaction as simple as possible.

I’ve inherited a house that I want to sell, and I’m not sure is probate required?

Depending on the circumstances, inheriting a property may a blessing, but can also present you with a lot to deal with at a very upsetting time, and it might result in you having to deal with numerous issues regarding property upkeep which may not be local to your residence.

We can sell the property for you, so you won’t have to worry about paying the bills or maintenance any longer. We can generally complete these quickly, and we can suggest expert solicitors if the property has not yet been transferred to you via probate.

To assist you further we can also arrange for everything left in the property to be packed and stored.

How can I sell quickly to make the transition quick and easy if I am relocating to a new country or different part of the country?

Moving long distances from home or wanting to emigrate might be emotionally demanding for families, and there’s the additional challenge of finding a new property in an unfamiliar region. HomeMod can assist you by providing a quick sale of your house so that you can focus on the next stage in your life.

I purchased a property as an investment, but need  money fast. Can I sell my property quickly?

We understand that circumstances can change at a rapid pace, and that you may need to sell your property investment fast. We can assist you with achieving a quick sale.

Even if the property has a tenant or if it is currently undergoing renovation work, we can arrange the sale of the property enabling you to raise the cash you need quickly.

My property sale has fallen through. Can you help?

The nightmare of every seller is to see their sale collapse at the last moment, and in today’s unstable market this is becoming more and more frequent. It can put you in a very difficult position. Whether you are the seller or buyer it can be extremely distressing & stressful.

We can assist you with achieving a fast house sale, to keep the procedure moving forward, and prevent you from losing out on your new home.

I may be about to lose my ideal house. Can I sell my home quickly so I can move in?

We understand that your ideal house isn’t always available and waiting for your property to sell to use the money to move into your dream home may just take too long. On average, it takes six to nine months for a property to complete on the open market, so if your ideal house is available now, we can help you achieve a fast sale, so you don’t miss out on your dream home.

I have a difficult tenant who hasn’t paid their rent. Is this going to jeopardize me selling?

The issue of difficult tenants may be extremely stressful, and they can lead to costing you a significant amount of money on unpaid rent. A difficult tenant isn’t simply someone who refuses to pay their rent; they could also be abusing or damaging the property, which will only result in additional expenses for you as the property owner.

It can take a long time to evict a tenant through the courts, which will have a negative impact on you and create additional problems, we can assist by arranging the fast sale of your property you will then be free from the stress with the cash safely in your bank.

Can I sell my property if it is occupied by a tenant?

Yes, properties that have a tenant can be sold.

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