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Why sell your property with HomeMod Auctions?

Our mission is simple, to assist you to sell your property by auction as quickly & efficiently as possible, for the best price with the least amount of stress.

The most common way to sell a home in the United Kingdom is through a private treaty sale. However, for vendors who want to complete their property sale fast & securely, it may be an inefficient option.

Your online property auction plarform, HomeMod Auctions, provides an alternative to vendors, giving you the opportunity to sell your property in a transparent, secure & fast manner.

The set 28 or 56 day deadline provides sellers with the flexibility to complete quickly, while also providing security, by guaranteeing committed buyers paying reservation fees, which drastically reduces fall throughs.

We put your properties in front of your target audience so you can connect with active buyers right now, with over 45,000 registered users & an 83% completion success rate!

When you list your properties on HomeMod Auctons, you join a platform that provides an end-to-end solution for everything involved with moving house under one roof, from mortgages & conveyancing solicitors to removal companies & packers & everything in-between!

Gone are the days when properties sold through auctions were distressed homes needing to be fixed, only available to cash  buyers, with properties unable to obtain mortgages or financing. Now the majority of properties are normal properties which can secure mortgages.

With vendors now realising they can achieve much higher selling prices & complete their sales in under half the time, many vendors are now recognising the tremendous advantages of selling via auctions, & their opting for auctions as their preferred selling route.

HomeMod provides online bidding activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Benefits to You of selling on HomeMod Auctions

  • Sellers reach a much wider audience of qualified purchasers who are ready to buy.
  • The seller sets a reserve price to guarantee that the property will not sell for less than the asking price.
  • To ft the demands of today’s busy buyers & sellers, we provide online bidding activity via HomeMod 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Our auction sales have an 83% completion rate compared to under 70% for Private Treaty transactions.
  • Auctions complete the sales process in a fixed timescale completing in under half the time.
  • Receiving a reservation fee & signed contact for the property, as opposed to selling via Private Treaty transaction is more secure. Buyers are committed which vastly lowers the chance of the sale falling through.
  • Buyers & Sellers can use our system to reserve, exchange or complete properties online immediately, or in  a specified timescale. There will be no gazumping, no last minute cancellations, no stress, no drama!


Is my property suitable for auction?

Any type, style, design or price of property whether residential or commercial is suitable for auction providing it is chain free.

Can I accept offers outside the auction?

Bids can be placed on your property before, during or after an auction. You can accept an offer at any time, we will ensure that the buyer agrees to the auction terms of security & speed. The auction team will discuss the bids with you, if there is a lot of interest in your property we would normally recommend waiting until the auction end date but it is your decision whether to accept an offer before the auction.

How can l ensure l get the price l want?

You have a safety net of a reserve price, your property will not sell below this.

How quickly do l need to move?

The quickest way to sell your property is with traditional auction terms where there is an immediate exchange of contracts and the sale will complete within 28 days. Alternatively you can sell within 56 days through the conditional auction terms.

How often do we hold an auction?

We have online auctions covering the whole of the U.K ending daily.


Make your next move before they do!

Reach the right qualified purchasers at scale by listing your property for sale on HomeMod Auctions one of the most comprehensive home networks.

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