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Why list your properties with HomeMod?

Welcome to HomeMod, where we empathize with the unique challenges faced by estate agents and present a game-changing platform designed to consolidate all your essential tools in one user-friendly space.

HomeMod stands as a global powerhouse, catering to every aspect of your property-related needs. Whether you’re a buyer searching for the perfect property or an industry professional—be it an estate agent, auctioneer, buy-for-cash agent, or property developer—HomeMod is your partner in efficiently managing, growing, and scaling your business.

Why continue the hassle of navigating multiple platforms when HomeMod’s cutting-edge platform allows you to streamline your operations from a singular, state-of-the-art location? Say goodbye to the inconvenience of switching between platforms and embrace the unique features and benefits that set us apart.

List Your Properties with Ease: HomeMod opens the gateway to a vast global audience for your property listings. Take advantage of our platform’s user-friendly features for uploading, editing, and managing your listings effortlessly. Worried about the transition? Our automated migration process ensures a seamless start, letting you promote your properties to a wider audience without any technical headaches.

Auction Section for Additional Revenue: Discover a lucrative revenue stream through our Auction section. Manage auction properties from listing to closing the deal, all within our intuitive platform. It’s an easy way to generate additional income and expand your business horizons.

Join the Future of Estate Agents: HomeMod is the ultimate global platform, offering innovative tools and features to elevate your business. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the future of property sales. Sign up with HomeMod today in just two simple steps:

  1. Choose your subscription.
  2. Customize your HomeMod shopfront and stand out with a strong profile.

Your customized storefront is your business card on HomeMod. A crisp logo, agent bio, reviews, past sales, and service specialties communicate your expertise effectively. Are you part of an agency team? Create a team profile to highlight combined feedback and prior sales.

Benefits of Listing Properties on HomeMod:

  • Increase Sales/Lettings
  • Streamline Processes and Save Time/Money
  • Excellent Return on Investment
  • Low Fees
  • Showcase Listings on a Microsite
  • Access Featured Properties in Info Hub
  • Automated Migration of Listings—No Work for You!
  • Profile Your Business and Boost Brand Awareness
  • Attract New Customers

Low, Transparent Fees: Our fee structure is designed to be simple and competitive. Choose a monthly subscription package that suits your needs, ensuring transparency and value for your investment.

What’s Included in Your Membership: Explore various subscription packages tailored to your preferences, such as a microsite on the platform with a customized shopfront, dashboard listing management, automated property migration, and access to the information hub.

How to Start Listing Your Properties: Follow these easy steps to make your mark on HomeMod:

  1. Register: Sign up to get started.
  2. Application is Processed: Once approved, you’re ready to go.
  3. Login to Your Dashboard: Access your personalized workspace.
  4. Customize Your Storefront: Make your profile stand out.
  5. Start Listing Your Properties: Showcase your portfolio effortlessly.
  6. Add Blogs/Videos in the Info Hub: Further profile your business and connect with your audience.

Make your move before others do! Reach the right customers on one of the nation’s most comprehensive home networks. HomeMod not only identifies buyers and sellers but also guides them through informed and educated decisions. Elevate your real estate business with HomeMod—the future of estate agents is here!






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